About us

The transition to emission-free power generation is a goal set by not only the Japanese Government but many other countries who signed the historic Paris Agreement. Yokohama Solar Solutions wants to help to make this sustainable shift with its high-quality, durable products.

Our Mission & Vision

We at Yokohama Solar Solutions are part of the green energy revolution and combine the right mix of engineering, design and high-quality materials with outstanding service to fulfill our customers’ needs.

We will provide our customers with mounting system solutions for any solar project through the experience and technology that is built on a track record of solar power generation of more than 2 GW across Japan. Through this mission, we aim to be the company that delivers high-quality products for long-term success.

The experienced team at Yokohama Solar Solutions consists of solar industry professionals with a proven track record of mounting system engineering both in Japan and across Asia. The team is committed to deliver on our three core values – Support. Quality. Engineering – which play a crucial part in the development of an optimal structure to protect PV modules against wind, snow, and other forces of nature.

Having built up this experience, we tailormade the right solution to every project and base the engineering design not only on the national standards but also to our own. As the climate is changing over the past decades, we must include safety to ensure the longevity of our products for +25 years.

Andreas Sommer

Managing Director
Yokohama Solar Solutions

“To bring green energy to Japanese households and being part of the energy shift is a fulfilling task. Japan with its ever growing energy demand is in need to further diversify its energy mix. Yokohama Solar Solutions is aiming at helping the national grid providers with achieving its energy targets by 2030.”

Having studied in Rotterdam, Osaka and Barcelona, Mr. Andreas Sommer is a renewable energy expert with 6+ years of experience.

Our beliefs & values

Yokohama Solar Solutions is committed to three core values. We uphold these values during the entire process; from the initial enquiry through the planning phase and finally the construction.


Our first core value not only refers to the service we offer our clients, which is to support them in any type of situation, but also to support the PV modules with generating Green Energy. The mounting system plays a crucial part in any solar project as it protects the modules so they can turn sunshine into clean energy.


Our second value is a must for our products, as only with quality can the mounting systems last for +25 years. Our standard of quality is applied to our materials, our systems, and our service. Every member of the team is committed to it and strives to deliver the best quality for our customers to help them to produce a successful project.


Our third value is the heart of our business, the engineering. Mounting systems for solar applications are made of steel or aluminum. To make the right decision on which material to use for the right location is our specialty. Japan has many challenges for the structural design as it has high wind and snow loads as well as seismic activity. Our planning factors in these challenges when calculating our systems to prevent damages.