Yokohama Solar Solutions has a wide range solar mounting systems. From supporting PV modules on a residential or commercial rooftop, to building a small-scale or utility-scale solar park, our portfolio is covering any type of solar solution. Our experienced team can design and manufacture solar mounting systems that can be used in regions with high wind speeds, heavy snowfall, tropical climates, or seismic activity.
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Durability and easy installation – for all regions of Japan.

Since ground mounted solutions are typically planned for +25 years plus, our systems must protect the PV Modules for their lifespan. Our engineers take into account all geographic factors when we plan the mounting system for a customer’s project. Even the toughest conditions can be planned for when using the right system to ensure that the PV modules are generating clean energy.

The system is either made entirely of steel or can be equipped with aluminum rafters depending on the specifications of the project. The design is able to meet any requirements of wind-, snow- and seismic -loads. Furthermore, we support our clients with the related METI approval process.

Commercial Rooftop

Lightweight and everlasting – Harvesting the potential of the sun.

Commercial rooftop projects are a smart way to harvest the power of the sun. Our aluminum systems can be mounted onto any type of roof – whether flat concrete or a pitched sheet metal roof, we have the right solution. Our engineering team can also configure our systems to your specific roof shape when the standard portfolio doesn’t cover it. The systems are designed to be as lean as possible while giving maximum support to the PV system.

Residential Rooftop

Easy and Fast – reliable supplier of rooftop parts.

The residential rooftop market is growing in Japan due to the clean energy awareness of its citizens. Yokohama Solar Solutions has a network of wholesalers and partners. We supply them with our products to support the energy transition and to boost energy independence. Having solar installed on the rooftop of a home is a great way to reduce energy costs, decrease the carbon footprint and to increase the value. Our solutions and products support our partners in turning your house into a green energy home.